Ride comfortably

The Officina Battaglin handmade steel frames will make you go the distance 


Handmade in Italy

"Officina" is the Italian word for "workshop". It's the place where our craftsmen have spent most of their life perfecting the way they work with steel. They have boosted their skills making hundreds of bikes on a daily basis, trying to find out the right formulas, the secrets crucial to the great ride quality cyclists seek. That's why every step of the frame building process, from tube trimming to painting, still takes place in an "Officina" in Northern Italy. 

Giovanni Battaglin is back to steel

After a 20-year break, the second racer in history to have achieved the Giro-Vuelta double is now back to brazing steel frames, just like he used to do before aluminium and carbon became the de facto standard for bicycle production. Using the original process, machinery and craftsmen, Giovanni Battaglin is carrying on the Italian frame building tradition, being the only Italian steel maker to have significant experience riding steel in the pro peloton.