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9 Via A. Vanin
Marostica, Veneto, 36063

+39 0424 1745271


Here's what our fellow cyclists said about riding our steel frames:


My Officina Battaglin Power+ is my fourth steel frame, and first in over 30 years!

The first thing that I noticed about the bike when I rode it on the farm roads around the workshop in Marostica was how smooth and quiet it was.

I was expecting a jarring and rattling ride when hitting the rough sections - quite the opposite.

It was very smooth and tracked straight. The lateral stiffness of the bottom bracket is excellent - no chain rub or flexing.

Now that I have put about 40 hours on the bike on my local roads, my original observations still hold true.

The frame is very smooth and compliant over the rough sections, yet there is no chain rub when mashing on the pedals.

When sprinting the bike is very predictable - no crabbing or squirrelly behaviour.

I feel safer on high-speed descents on rough roads - I’m not getting bounced around.

When climbing, no mushy feeling, just power going to the wheel.

And after several 4-hour rides, I have yet to feel beat up or abused by the bike.

The finish on my frame is amazing - the joints, the chrome, and the paint are all perfect.

I have yet to find any file marks, especially in the chromed areas (like my old Italian frames).

The engraved head tube and brake bridge is a nice touch; might I suggest considering engraving of the bottom bracket.

The final assembly of the bike was perfect.

The Campagnolo Record 12 speed gruppo and Deda cockpit are amazing.

The color matched water bottle cages is a great custom touch. The packaging job for the trip back to the States was top-notch. I think it took me longer to unwrap the bike, then it took to put the saddle and bars back on.

My goal with this bike was to create an 80’s style Italian race bike, but with a modern twist.

What I got, was a beautiful handmade, hand-finished Italian race bike with an amazing ride.

I am very pleased to how the bike turned out. I would like to thank everyone at the workshop that helped create this beautiful bike for me.

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to have met signor Giovanni Battaglin and having the honor of him setting up the bike for me. His bike fitting knowledge is unquestionable.
— Paul Kanz, Portland, OR, USA

Dear Alex,

I just want to thank you from my heart for the Power Plus frameset you recently built for me. It has exceeded my highest expectations!

When I opened the extremely meticulously packed box last Fall, I simply could not believe my eyes. I have had many top brand carbon bikes over the last 20 years, and still own one, but this is the first custom made steel frame bicycle I have had since I started competitive cycling in 1972. After reading the Bicycling Magazine review last year, and then speaking with you Alex on the phone, I knew I had to proceed with my order as I my intuition told me that this bike was something unique and special. I just did not know how special.....It is absolutely amazing!

The custom order paint scheme you and your team created for me is truly a work of art! The bicycle looks fantastic and is so unique, it always turns heads on group rides. I built it up with new Campagnolo Record Gruppo and It looks absolutely beautiful. But more important the ride!....It feels like the classic steel bicycle of the 70’s, but a whole lot faster and lighter, and much more responsive. The Columbus HSS Spirit tubing is so skillfully fillet brazed - together with the modern head tube coupled to the carbon fork, and compact geometry...all making for a modern dream ride - with the retro feel of fine steel. I continue to get out for brisk weekly evening club rides, and have no problem keeping pace with the pack, who are mostly all on their carbon bikes.

This Spring is the start of my first full season with the Power Plus, and so far my carbon road racing bike hangs-up in the garage looking so lonely from not being ridden!

Thank you so much! I will treasure and enjoy this Battaglin bicycle always.
— Dr. Brad Mc Henry, Tampa, FL, USA

I’ve ridden a lot of bikes; some top of the line carbon fiber, some custom aluminum or steel. I’ve spent almost a year on my Battaglin Power Plus and what I liked at the very beginning about it holds true over 3,000 miles later: it has that wonderful, classic ride feel you expect out of high-end steel but it responds like a true modern race bike.
I can spend all day in the worst conditions on bumpy roads and still feel fresh enough for the ever important stop sign sprints at the end of the ride.
The tapered headtube and full carbon fork make for responsive handling and the Columbus Spirit tubing keeps the plush feel alive and also keeps the weight down, or as much as possible on a steel frame. And, really, a steel race bike that weighs 8 kilos isn’t something to complain about.
I get a lot of compliments about the bike too. On every group ride I do someone comments on how cool a nicely painted modern steel bike can be.
— Paul A. - Little Rock, AR, USA“

I want to thank you for such a wonderful bike. I have ridden aluminum, titanium and carbon over the past 30 years and the Power+ stands out for it’s balanced ride quality, handling and comfort.
— Trevor Orthmann

I have tried to choose modern components that function well so that the bike has a classic look but modern performance (Campagnolo Athena 11s., Cinelli stem, Chris King headset with sealed bearings).

At last I have had some time to take the Marosticana out for her maiden ride. And a very enjoyable ride it was too.

My first impression is that of smoothness. The cycle lane that leads from my street in Scheveningen up the coast towards Katwijk is made up of bricks laid in a herringbone pattern which generally cause some vibration through the handlebars. Not with the Marosticana however which smoothes everything out beautifully. Even the speed bumps at junctions are less intrusive as she just sails over them with ease. The ride overall was most enjoyable and I can’t wait to ride her again when I get home from Kazakhstan in April.
— Graham Nicholson, Netherlands

The performance of vibration absorption worked well, and it was very comfortable to ride on this bike. I felt very good steering performance on cornering. I could easily draw a beautiful round-shape on the corner with this bike.
— Raita Suzuki, Steel Road Bike Book, Japan

Like the classic road bike made from Columbus SL, it was really smooth and comfortable to ride at the middle speed range.
— Yosuke Suga, Steel Road Bike Book, Japan

Giovanni, Alessandro, Francesca and all the technical team, thank you for this magnificent work of art!

Very pleased to have number 2 of this prestigious collection.
Extremely high-quality finish!

Even more beautiful in reality! Thank you for your professionalism. Looking forward to the next collection..
— Stéphane Marson, owner of Collezione Speciale No. 2, France

I picked up my frame on Wednesday 11th.

I’m absolutely delighted with the same - the standard of build & finish is simply superb - as indeed was the way it was packed for shipment - Many many thanks.

I’m now still chasing New Old Stock Campag equipment - my fall back is to take parts off my Blue Raleigh - as I intend to get this resprayed with the rear chain stays opened to 130mm from 126mm & chromed to match your frame.

Once again please tell your frame builders and finishers how pleased I am to have this fabulous frame.
— Trefor Jones, owner of Collezione Speciale No. 18, Spain

The frame arrived yesterday and it is just beautiful. Can’t wait to build and ride.
— David Gould, owner of Collezione Speciale No. 21, USA

Fantastic bike, that was only my third ride on her. Very smooth especially with Campagnolo Record and Neutron wheels.
— Robert Futcher, owner of Collezione Speciale No. 10, Australia

Received my Officina Battaglin No.37 of 65 today, words can’t describe just how good this bike looks. The craftsmanship in the frame is perfect and the finish of the polished metal through the red is like looking at a Ferrari Dino in the Italian sunshine. Never seen a bike like it before, simply beautiful.
— Rob Abbott, owner of Collezione Speciale No. 37, UK

I received the frame yesterday afternoon. There are no words to describe how wonderful the frame looks. It is a work of art. I am so very pleased with it.
Thank you so much.
I cannot wait to get it built and ride it. I have started the assembly process late last night.
Again thank you so much and I look forward to visiting you when I return to Italy
— Michael Roberts, owner of Collezione Speciale No. 62, USA