“48 Days” – Giovanni Battaglin’s new book is NOW AVAILABLE


“48 Days”, Giovanni Battaglin’s new book is out now.

Inside of it, you’ll discover the full story of Giovanni Battaglin’s epic Giro-Vuelta double in just 48 days.

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“If, like me, you consider the 1970s and 80s to be something of a Golden Era in cycle racing, then this book is simply something you must have in your life.

Tales of Gentlemen Racers on their elegant hand-crafted steel machines locked in combat through some of the finest scenery in the world cannot fail to stir the competitive cyclist within. 

The first-hand recounting of one of the greatest cycling triumphs in Giovanni’s wonderfully modest and conversational tone is an absolute delight. It’s both beautifully written and superbly understated

The best things in life tend to be undiminished by the passage of time. And so the feats relived by Giovanni in 48 Days remain as clear and fresh as the mountain air and just as impressive now as they were back then.

But even if you don’t embrace the magic of down-tube shifters and toe-clips, and are more at home with power meters and marginal gains, this book still equally appeals.

Strip away all the accoutrements of today’s professional cycling industry, and the base key racer ingredients are the same as they’ve always been; passion, desire, the will to win, determination and commitment. Preferably, with a dash of style and panache too.

This book will inspire anyone with a competitive urge, whether it’s to race better, get faster, get fitter, ride more or even just to get back on the bike after time away. It’s a highly recommended and essential piece of kit.” 

Chris Miles, February 2022