Officina Battaglin’s flagship Portofino can now tackle gravel roads: introducing the Portofino G 2023

By Editorial Team

Officina Battaglin has revealed the Portofino G, a new facet of their flagship Portofino.

The Portofino G is a gravel variant that embodies the Portofino’s one-of-a-kind design concept of oversized lugs, capable of delivering an unparalleled riding experience: 

“If there’s one thing the Portofino is renowned for, it’s the supreme riding comfort

Reimagining it as a gravel machine that would bring this smooth ride on unforgiving roads had always seemed like the natural evolution,” said Officina Battaglin’s CEO Alex Battaglin.

Bringing the Battaglin road racing DNA to gravel

Ensuring the Portofino’s ride characteristics would remain consistent on back country roads and treacherous tarmac was no easy feat. 

Alex and his father Giovanni, the former Giro-Vuelta winner, knew the frame would require more than a few adaptations:

“We felt like a proper gravel version of the Portofino had to maintain the company’s distinct road racing DNA. 

So, we went back to the closest thing to gravel racing our company had done: the custom bikes we developed for pro riders in the late 80s and early 90s for the Paris-Roubaix. 

At the time, the Paris-Roubaix was the professional competition that brought lugged steel bikes to be raced on unpaved roads.

Those geometries were the starting point for developing a gravel-specific frame geometry. ”

The Portofino G’s gravel-oriented tech features

A major change includes the head tube lugs, completely redesigned to fit a straight head tube and a new downtube shape, developed in collaboration with Columbus. 

Obviously, the fork has been broadened to allow for wider tires.

However, with a maximum clearance of 700 x 40mm, the Portofino G leans more toward the road end of the gravel spectrum:

“While gravel is booming, we have to consider there are multiple niches and needs within it.

We didn’t want a bike that resembled a drop-bar mountain bike, or a relaxed geometry for bike packing.

We wanted a gravel bike with the reactive handling of a road bike

That’s why we also borrowed several elements from the Portofino’s most advanced version, the Portofino R.”

With its road counterpart, the Portofino G shares the modern seat lug for a rear triangle with aggressively-dropped seatstays, tube profiles, a new proprietary dropout, and the 68-mm T47 bottom bracket shell.

Combined with the wider head tube, the T47 shell allows routing the cables internally even when the frame is equipped with a 1x mechanical setup.

A shiny new paint scheme

The Portofino G features a model-specific paint scheme with polished chrome that fades to a cromovelato color through a chrome filigree. 

Owners will have access to Officina Battaglin’s Premium Cromovelato Selection to personalize the color of the frame’s upper section. 

To further elevate the bike’s look, it will also be possible to personalize selected parts in matching cromovelato finish.

Ordering a Portofino G 2023 

The Portofino G comes as a full custom frame with only 70 build slots available in 2023. 

Each frame will be designed and built from scratch to the owner’s measurements after an individual consultation with Giovanni and Alex Battaglin

A custom Portofino G 2023 includes:

  1. custom steel frame built from scratch in the Battaglin workshop;
  2. carbon fork;
  3. custom cromovelato finishing (one color from the Officina Battaglin cromovelato selection);
  4. proprietary steel lugs;
  5. head parts;
  6. individually numbered plate;
  7. Certificate of Authenticity.

To learn more about the new Officina Battaglin Portofino G, visit the product page.

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