Officina Battaglin unveils the first endurance steel road bike of the custom collection

By Editorial Team

Officina Battaglin, the Italian steel bicycle company founded by the 1981 Giro-Vuelta winner Giovanni Battaglin, has unveiled their latest offering: the “Grand Tour” endurance steel road bike

This addition marks Officina Battaglin’s first foray into the endurance road bike realm with a premium frame that grants the smooth ride feel of handmade steel.

But the Grand Tour, crafted using Columbus GB81 tubing and fillet-brazed construction, offers more than just a comfortable ride. 

The frame design allows for tire sizes up to 35 mm, making it a versatile choice to effortlessly transition between well-paved roads and light gravel paths. 

“For many of us, the sense of freedom that comes with exploring unfamiliar and unbeaten roads is what makes a long ride worthwhile. 

We designed the Grand Tour to satisfy this craving for exploration”, said Officina Battaglin’s CEO, Alex Battaglin.

Grand Tour: two cromovelato colors to choose from

One cannot help but be captivated by the Grand Tour’s simple yet striking paint scheme. 

A rear view of the Officina Battaglin Grand Tour steel road bike finished in a red paint scheme

Showcasing Officina Battaglin’s renowned cromovelato finish, the frame exhibits a reflective and deep surface achieved through meticulous craftsmanship. 

Skilled Italian artisans employ labor-intensive techniques to create a vibrant bike that is sure to turn heads.

 Offering a choice between two distinctive cromovelato color options, red and blue, the Grand Tour allows riders to express their individual style.

Ordering a Grand Tour 2023 

In 2023, a limited number of just 50 Grand Tour custom framesets will be made available worldwide. 

A numbered plate on the down tube of the Officina Battaglin Grand Tour steel bicycle frame, finished in a red paint scheme

Each one will be custom-made according to the rider’s specific measurements after an individual consultation with Giovanni and Alex Battaglin, ensuring a perfect fit. 

To emphasize its exclusivity, every Grand Tour frame will bear a numbered plate brazed to the down tube.

The Grand Tour is exclusively available as a disc-brake version to provide riders with superior control and confidence over rougher paths.

For those seeking the ultimate custom experience, Officina Battaglin offers the option of a fully built Grand Tour, with every component tailored to the owner’s needs and preferences. 

A custom Grand Tour 2023 includes:

  1. custom steel frame built from scratch in the Battaglin workshop;
  2. carbon fork;
  3. cromovelato finishing (red or blue);
  4. head parts;
  5. individually numbered plate;
  6. Deda Superzero carbon seatpost;
  7. Deda Superzero DCR carbon handlebar;
  8. Deda Superbox stem;
  9. front and rear axle;
  10. Certificate of Authenticity signed by Giovanni Battaglin.

To learn more about the new Officina Battaglin Grand Tour, visit the product page HERE.

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