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Dear Fellow Cyclist,

The process of creating your custom steel bicycle is thrilling.

You want a bike that rides like a dream and is beautiful to look at.

And to achieve such an ambitious goal, you’ll be in charge of every aspect.

But while there’s nothing more satisfying than customizing a bike to suit your needs and desires, you’ll also have to face a series of choices.

From a custom frame geometry to a unique paint scheme to custom finishes, the possibilities are almost limitless.

Where should you start?

A complete vision is the key to a great custom bike.

And that’s where this book comes in.

In the “Here’s My Dream Bike” book, we detail 45 builds from the Battaglin owners

The photos and the testimonials will tell you the stories behind some of the finest custom bikes ever created in our workshop.

And they will illustrate the variety of choices available to you.

With so many different designs all in one place, it will be much easier to find new ways to make your bike totally your own.

And you’ll finally be able to lay the foundation of a custom bike that reflects your style.

If you’re ready for such an amazing journey, this book will help you go from a blank slate to the custom bike of your dreams.

But before I show you how to claim your free copy, let me tell you a bit more about what’s inside…

Here’s what you will discover inside of “Here’s My Dream Bike”

  • Why this cyclist felt like his many high-end carbon bikes always left him wanting a certain something… And how he finally found that “something”. Pg. 8
  • How the “old school” Italian process for a custom steel frame or bike actually works. Pg. 12
  • Don’t finish your custom bike like the steel bike on pg. 15 if you don’t want people leaning out the car window to shout at you “NICE BIKE!” as you ride past!
  • How a modern lugged steel frame rides compared to classic bikes from the 70s and modern high-end carbon bikes. Pg. 16
  • Is it possible to build a steel bike that feels like a modern race machine? Find the answer on pg. 22
  • Why having a legendary rider design and build your custom bike will make the entire ordering process feel like a journey through the history of cycling. Pg. 34
  • The “bulletproof build” to create a steel bike that “can handle the rigors of training, hot group rides, and the occasional crit”. Pg. 42
  • Is it possible to build a steel bike that weighs LESS than 7kg? The build on pg. 64 will give you the answer!
  • Can you keep the pace with a pack of riders on carbon bikes… riding a steel bike? Find the answer on pg. 72
  • The special finish that will make your custom frame look like a Ferrari Dino car in the Italian sunshine. Pg. 98
  • And much more!

Now, this book was supposed to be sold on our website for 15 euros.


For a limited time, you’ll be able to get it for FREE!

Given the current situation with many cyclists worldwide forced indoor, we decided to give a free copy to everyone who’s interested.

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And there’s more.

In fact…

Together with the book, you’ll also receive a printed copy of the “Men of Steel” magazine!

Men of Steel is the magazine that goes back to the 1981 Giro d’Italia with rare articles and photos from Giovanni Battaglin’s private archive.

This is the most detailed publication documenting the 1981 Giro.

Stage by stage.

If you are a serious cycling fan and want to get a real insight into road bicycle racing back in the 80s…

We’ll give it to you – for FREE (it’s usually reserved for our customers!).

Here’s what Paul Scase from the UK said about the magazine:

“Hi Alex,

Many thanks for your email – the `magazine` was fabulous, you must please say `Compliments` to everybody involved.

I think the term `magazine` is not enough, the quality of the paper and stiffness of the cover makes it a `step above` a normal magazine, – something to place on the `bookshelf`, not in the `magazine box` on the floor.

The `English` translation was 99.9 % perfect, very well done to you and Marco.

The content was excellent – a real insight into the `racing world` of your father – `Uomini d` Acciaio` gives the feeling of being a very personal magazine, and you feel you are welcomed closer to the `family` of Battaglin.

Your story comparing the old and modern tours was written in a style that was informative, very well written and easy to read, I hope you write more.

My compliments.”

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