Introducing the Portofino Premium: here’s the most exclusive custom finish for your Portofino!

By leonardofinetti

Since its launch in 2017, the Portofino frame has been the answer for those looking for a truly unique custom bike.

There’s no other frame in the world that blends the traditional lugged construction with the contemporary look of the triple-butted Columbus HSS tubeset and the tapered steerer.

And while we were already offering custom paint options, we wanted to take the Portofino’s uniqueness and exclusivity to a whole new level.

In the last few months my father Giovanni Battaglin and I have worked to make the Portofino’s best version yet.

Today, we’re extremely excited to unveil the Portofino Premium.

The Portofino Premium is the Portofino’s most exclusive version, with a cromovelato finish that is fully customizable.

Cromovelato is a special finish typical of the Italian bikes from the 80s.

It is achieved by polishing a lugged frame to a mirror shine before the chrome-plating process, and then painting the frame with colored lacquer.

The final result is a colored mirror-like effect like no other standard paint.

With the Portofino Premium, you will now be able to create your dream bike by choosing your favorite cromovelato colors.

Ferrari red, blue, purple, green: there’s no shade you won’t be able to personalize your custom Portofino with.

To discover how you can have a Portofino Premium finished in your favorite cromovelato color, click HERE

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