Join Stephen Roche in the celebration of the achievement that made you fell in love with cycling

By Editorial Team

Officina Battaglin celebrates the 30th anniversary of the greatest title in professional cycling with a handmade steel frame named after the man capable of winning it.

If you scroll down the list of pros who raced on Battaglin steel bikes from 1981 to the late 90s, there’s a name that probably will take you back to some of your best sporting memories.

Because when you arrive at the bottom of the list – provided that all the names are in alphabetical order – and see “Stephen Roche”, you’ll immediately recall one among the 1987 Giro d’Italia, the 1987 Tour de France or the 1987 Road World Championships.

Probably all three.

With the “Stephen Roche” steel frame, we celebrate the physical and mental effort that inspired millions to get into cycling. Only 30 pieces will be available worldwide, each of them built to order at the Battaglin workshop like 30 years ago for the “Triple Crown” bike.


  • Columbus SLX tubing: the same tube set that was used to build the 1987 Battaglin bike;
  • Black chrome finish:  we’ve chosen it to create a deep, reflective shine that contrasts with the colorful decal and the jewels nestled in the lug;
  • 1987 World Champion decal: we’ve looked for the original decal in our archives, and we’ve gone through the process of redesigning it;
  • Real Italian jewels: every crown has its jewels. The downtube of the Stephen Roche features a steel lug with real jewels nestled into it. A tiny 750/1000 gold plaque encloses three Top Wesselton round brilliant cut diamonds, evoking the three victories;

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