New Campagnolo Super Record Wireless: our first custom build!

By Editorial Team

Finally, the new Campagnolo Super Record Wireless! At last, we’ve managed to get our hands on Campy’s long-awaited groupset.

In this video, we share the first custom build to come out of the Battaglin workshop with the Campagnolo Super Record Wireless: the gorgeous Portofino R 2023 No. 3.

Adding a new piece to an already fantastic collection

This Portofino R is the latest jewel in the collection of Dominik, a dedicated collector of Battaglin bikes. 

After securing the Battaglin Portofino 2021 Edizione Anniversario and the Marosticana 2022, Dominik reserved the third build slot as soon as we pre-launched the Portofino R to the Battaglin Owners in late 2022. 

Officina Battaglin Portofino R 2023 No. 3

The frame was built from scratch to Dominik’s measurements, combining the Columbus GB81 tubing and our proprietary lugs. 

Showcasing dropped seatstays, the Portofino R represents the latest in modern steel bike design.

The personalized paint scheme of Dominik’s Portofino R combines the Dark Night Cromovelato hue from our Premium Selection with polished chrome on the lower end and on the fork. 

The polished chrome lugs add to the quintessential charm of this Italian lugged frame. 

To maintain uniformity in aesthetics, Dominik upgraded to the painted-to-match Officina Battaglin stem and painted-to-match Deda handlebar. 

This combination makes for a seamless look that starts from the painted-to-match spacer.

The buzz, the long wait, and a fantastic build 

When the buzz about the new Campagnolo Super Record wireless groupset hit the cycling world, Dominik knew it was the perfect addition to his Portofino R. 

At the same time, he knew it would have been a long, long wait before the groupset became available… But this only made the bike more desirable. 

The groupset features the new Campagnolo wireless specifications, with a completely new 48/32 crankset and a 10/29 cassette.

Capping off this extraordinary build are the latest Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra wheels – a guarantee of performance, reliability, and elegance. 

Interested in discussing a build with the new Campagnolo Super Record Wireless?

Interested in discussing a dream-spec bike featuring the new Campagnolo Super Record Wireless?

Whether you’re filled with ideas or are seeking inspiration, our tech team can help you create a custom bike that speaks to your style, needs, and aspirations. 

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