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9 Via A. Vanin
Marostica, Veneto, 36063

+39 0424 1745271

Power+ Disc call






If you are considering a steel frame with disc brakes custom built for you, please go on reading...

You're just 1 step away from the memorable experience of having a Grand-Tour winner building a steel frame for you, so you can own a bike so unique that your friends won't be able to stop admiring it

During a 5-minute friendly (and FREE!) conversation you'll take a guided tour into the unique Officina Battaglin workshop, which has conquered the hearts of thousands of cyclists worldwide

Dear cyclist friend,

Choosing a new bike is exciting. 

You walk into the shop, you fall in love with that shiny new model, and you can't get it off your head until you see it in your garage.

But here's the thing: with handmade frames, the process doesn't start with a shop showing its stock products.

The process starts with YOU.

With your riding preferences.

With your riding style.

With your expectations about how the bike should ride.

Every custom frame is, well, custom.

And as a custom steel frame maker, we want to be sure that every frame coming out of the workshop translates into the best ride quality possible for the cyclist it's been made for. 

Do you love climbing and you want a frame that increases pedal stroke efficiency?

Or do you prefer a more relaxed position?

Do you suffer from numb hands on longer rides?

What's your current bike model?

If you want to go the custom road, we need this information first.

And that's why at Officina Battaglin everything starts with a friendly conversation.

A 5-minute phone call that will help you in learning more about what you can expect from our workshop.

A 5-minute phone call that will help us in shaping an Italian bespoke beauty like the Power+ Disc to your exact needs.

Here's what you'll discover during the 5-minute call:

  • How the building process works. You'll discover all the steps you'll go through if you decide that an Officina Battaglin steel bike is a good fit for your bike collection. 

  • Why your body measurements are THE starting point - and the tools that we use to help you in determining them correctly

  • The "secret ingredient" that makes the Officina Battaglin frames stand head and shoulders above any other steel producer

  • How we can speed up the final delivery and avoid you unnecessary hassle with customs

  • The final price for the frame (or for the bike, in case you want to go with the complete build) of your dreams!

But what exactly makes the Officina Battaglin building experience so unique?

  • You get a steel frame made for YOU by a Giro and Vuelta winner. Officina Battaglin is the only producer in the world managed in person by a Grand-Tour winner. And Giovanni Battaglin is deeply involved in the sizing and production process. Actually, he'll be the one looking at your body measurements and designing the best geometry for you.

  • You get a steel frame handmade in Italy. EVERY step of the production process takes place inside Italian workshops, by Italian craftsmen.

  • You'll get photos during the building process, taken inside the workshop. You'll be able to update your friends of what Giovanni Battaglin's making for you.

  • You get a lifetime warranty (our unique "One Million Miles" Warranty). The warranty is valid for every new owner until the frame hits 1.000.000 miles.

  • You get a steel frame that is made to order for you. We don't sell off-the-shelf frames.

  • You get a steel frame built entirely from the best steel tubing in the world, Columbus.

  • You get a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Giovanni Battaglin that will make your frame a collectible piece in years to come. 

Here's what one of our customers said about how special was choosing his first custom-made steel frame...

Dear Alex,

I just want to thank you from my heart for the Power Plus frameset you recently built for me.

It has exceeded my highest expectations!

When I opened the extremely meticulously packed box last Fall, I simply could not believe my eyes.

I have had many top brand carbon bikes over the last 20 years, and still own one, but this is the first custom made steel frame bicycle I have had since I started competitive cycling in 1972.

After reading the Bicycling Magazine review last year, and then speaking with you Alex on the phone, I knew I had to proceed with my order as I my intuition told me that this bike was something unique and special.

I just did not know how special.....It is absolutely amazing!

The custom order paint scheme you and your team created for me is truly a work of art!

The bicycle looks fantastic and is so unique, it always turns heads on group rides.

I built it up with new Campagnolo Record Gruppo and It looks absolutely beautiful. But more important the ride!....It feels like the classic steel bicycle of the 70’s, but a whole lot faster and lighter, and much more responsive.

The Columbus HSS Spirit tubing is so skillfully fillet brazed - together with the modern head tube coupled to the carbon fork, and compact geometry...all making for a modern dream ride - with the retro feel of fine steel.

I continue to get out for brisk weekly evening club rides, and have no problem keeping pace with the pack, who are mostly all on their carbon bikes.

This Spring is the start of my first full season with the Power Plus, and so far my carbon road racing bike hangs-up in the garage looking so lonely from not being ridden!

Thank you so much! I will treasure and enjoy this Battaglin bicycle always.”
— — Dr. Brad Mc Henry, Tampa, FL, USA

This is NOT a sales call...

You might be worried that I'll be pushing you into buying a Power+ Disc frame.

Let me be clear about that.

Yes, you'll receive a quote at the end of the call.

And if you decide that the Power+ Disc is the right frame for you, you'll get all the details to proceed with your order.

The call is just a FREE assessment to give all the information about the Power+ Disc, and answer all the questions you might have.

And you don’t have to take my word for it.

Here’s what Paul Brubaker from Yorba Linda, California, said about a recent call he had with me… 

One of the great things of working with Alex is that he wants the whole experience to be “old world” Italian.

He invites the conversation about what you want, how you ride, what you want to do with the bike, etc.

In fact, Alex would not even start talking about prices with me until he had a conversation with me.

And even after 30 minutes (or more), I felt no obligation to buy anything from him. Alex truly enjoys working with and getting to know his customers.

Call him – if you are at all like me, you’ll find the conversation to be fun and informative, whether you purchase your next ride from Battaglin or not!
— Paul Brubaker, Yorba Linda, CA, USA

NOW is the right time to get the conversation started!

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So please don't waste a single minute.

All you have to do is filling out the form below.

Let me worry about the rest!

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