Your custom-finished Italian steel road bike, ready in 4 weeks


When you behold the landscapes of the Vicenza area, you’re not just seeing nature—you’re walking through the timeless works of Andrea Palladio, one of Italy’s legendary architects. Born in this region, Palladio’s designs have inspired generations, defining neoclassical architecture with their elegance and enduring beauty.
In a similar spirit, the Officina Battaglin Palladio frame embodies the soul of Italian craftsmanship. It is a tribute to classic forms, redesigned for today’s performance standards. Every detail is a nod to the past, yet engineered for the present.
The Palladio, like its namesake, is about harmony between form and function. It’s built using lugged construction, a method that our Italian framebuilders have refined over decades. This technique, while traditional, is executed with modern oversized lugs and tubing, enhancing both the bike’s aesthetic appeal and ride quality.
These lugs do more than just connect; they smooth out vibrations, making long rides less tiring. They expand the joint area, distributing stress and making the bike sturdier and more reliable.
It promises not only a smooth ride but a stunning one, with each component reflecting the care and passion of its makers.
Palladio’s villas stand robust and graceful centuries later. Our Palladio bike aims to offer the same timeless reliability. It’s built for those who appreciate the classics but are not bound by them.
From the echoing halls of Palladian villas to the winding roads of your next ride, the Palladio is a bridge between eras. It’s your chance to own a piece of Italian artistry, crafted not far from where Palladio himself centuries ago designed his masterpieces.


Unmatched ride feel, yours in 4 weeks

The Palladio stands out for its oversized lugs—the innovation that transformed lugged construction when first introduced with the Officina Battaglin Portofino in 2017. These lug shapes, paired with the custom-drawn Columbus GB81 steel tubes, deliver an unmatched blend of comfort and responsiveness. Previously, accessing this exceptional ride quality meant waiting months for a bespoke build. Now, with the Palladio and our “Cromovelato For You” program, the same ride feel that impressed hundreds of discerning cyclists will be yours to experience in just four weeks.

Shining like no other

With the “Cromovelato For You” program, your Palladio won’t just arrive quickly—it will shine like no other bike. The Palladio boasts Officina Battaglin’s iconic cromovelato finish—renowned for its almost dazzling ability to catch light. When ordering your Palladio frame, you’ll be able to custom-finish it with your favorite cromovelato color from 12 vibrant cromovelato hues. With a paint scheme designed to maximize the cromovelato, your personalized Palladio is sure to be the head-turner of your group.

Technical specifications

  • Columbus GB81 tubing (custom Officina Battaglin specifications
  • Columbus carbon fork
  • Proprietary cast lugs manufactured in Italy
  • 1”1/8 1”1/4 tapered head tube
  • T47 bottom bracket
  • Traditional geometry
  • Disc-brake only
  • 700x32 maximum tire clearance
  • Semi-internal cable routing
  • Suitable for mechanical and electronic groupsets