The Roma

Handmade lugged steel, reimagined for lightness


The Roma

The best of both worlds

The ROMA 2024 stands as a pinnacle of hybrid engineering, masterfully blending the timeless smoothness of steel with the feather-light agility of carbon fiber. This unique combination harnesses the best attributes of each material, creating a frame that rivals the lightness of titanium while maintaining the comfortable, vibration-dampening qualities of classic steel. We meticulously balanced these elements to craft a bike that offers an unparalleled riding experience—smooth and responsive, yet astonishingly light. With the ROMA 2024, you’ll no longer have to choose between comfort and weight, and you’ll enjoy the best of both.

A bold yet unique contrast

The ROMA 2024 not only sets a new standard in frame construction but also in visual splendor. Featuring Officina Battaglin’s signature cromovelato finish, the ROMA introduces a stunning gold rose hue—a special interpretation of the Giro d’Italia pink, deeply rooted in our storied cycling legacy. This exquisite finish on the steel sections beautifully contrasts with the raw, untouched elegance of the carbon areas, making for a look that’s both elegantly classic and distinctly aggressive. And for those who envision a different palette, the ROMA can be personalized further with one of the 12 vibrant options from our Premium Cromovelato Selection. Whichever hue you select from our carefully curated palette, the ROMA 2024 is guaranteed to turn heads, standing out as a masterpiece of design in any pack.

Pushing the boundaries of lugged construction

At the heart of the ROMA 2024 are its stainless steel oversized lugs, meticulously redesigned to fir the steel and carbon tubes. Since the introduction of the Portofino, the oversized lugs have become a hallmark of Officina Battaglin; once again, the design team has enhanced both the functionality and aesthetics of this construction method, ensuring that the lugs not only reinforce the frame’s structural integrity but also contribute to its stunning visual appeal.

How to order a custom-finished Roma frame

You can order a custom-finished Roma from Officina Battaglin or through our official Dealers.

A Roma frame includes:

  1. stock-size frame
  2. carbon fork in raw finish
  3. head parts
  4. custom cromovelato finishing
  5. rear and front thru-axles
  6. Certificate of Authenticity signed by Giovanni Battaglin

Technical specifications

  • Columbus GB81 tubing (Custom Officina Battaglin specifications)
  • Carbon fork
  • Proprietary stainless steel lugs
  • T47 bottom bracket
  • 700x35 maximum tire clearance
  • Disc-brake only
  • Compatible only with wireless electronic groupsets