The Portofino G

The first steel frame with oversized lugs can now tackle gravel roads


The Portofino G

The Portofino’s unique ride feel on gravel roads

The Portofino G builds on the Portofino’s unique design concept, bringing the oversized lugs’ unparalleled combination of comfort and reactivity on rough terrain. Paired with purpose-built Columbus GB81 tubing, the proprietary lugs allow the frame to soak up bumps and vibrations while retaining a true road bike feel. With the Portofino G, you’ll be able to tackle more demanding road conditions with confidence, with instant acceleration when you climb or get out of the saddle. It’s a gravel bike that will take away the shoulder and back pain that often comes from riding poorly paved roads for long distances… But it won’t take away a road bike’s distinct sensation of speed and freedom.

Limited build slots available

We build each custom frame with one goal: to create a dream bike that fits your specific preferences while offering you an unforgettable, personalized experience.

Discussing the endless possibilities of a custom build requires a lot of time and dedication. We use phone calls, email updates, photos of the building process: but such a personal approach wouldn’t be possible if we focused our efforts on producing a huge number of pieces.

That’s why we’ve decided to cap the annual production of custom builds at only 99 custom frames (or complete bikes).

Each frame comes with a numbered plate brazed to the top tube that authenticates its uniqueness and will make it an exclusive item to treasure forever.

The cleanest look on a 1x bike

The increased space of the T47 bottom bracket shell allows for a fully hidden cable routing setup
even when the frame is assembled with a mechanical 1X groupset. This setup will make your custom Italian build look clean while letting you enjoy the benefits of the most advanced gravel bike technologies.

Premium Italian finishes


No matter how dirty the terrain you ride may be: a custom bike designed and built for you should always look good and make you proud of it. And while matte paint has proven to be a safe choice for most gravel bikes, the best option to stand out from the pack even on gravel is our signature cromovelato. The model-specific paint scheme features polished chrome that fades to a cromovelato color through a chrome filigree. A look that is likely to turn heads, and a look that you’ll be able to personalize thanks to our premium cromovelato tints selection.

How to order your custom Portofino G


You can order a custom Portofino G from Officina Battaglin or our official Dealers.

A custom Portofino G frame includes:

  1. custom steel frame built to your measurements in the Battaglin workshop
  2. carbon fork in matching finish
  3. head parts
  4. custom cromovelato finishing
  5. individually numbered plate
  6. Certificate of Authenticity signed by Giovanni Battaglin

The price for a Portofino G custom-made for you in the Battaglin workshop starts at 6.000 €.

Technical specifications

  • Columbus GB81 tubing (Custom Officina Battaglin specifications)
  • Carbon fork
  • Proprietary steel lugs
  • 1”1/2 straight head tube
  • T47 bottom bracket
  • Custom geometry
  • Maximum tire clearance 700x40mm