The Power+

"The Power+ just might be the best all-around steel bike"

— Bill Strickland on Bicycling, May 16, 2017

NEW Power+ EVO coming soon – Only 90 pieces available

With its fillet-brazed joints and the oversized Columbus tubing, the Officina Battaglin Power+ has conquered the hearts of hundreds of cyclists worldwide – even Bicycling’s Editor-In-Chief Bill Strickland.

Here’s what he said in his review published in May 2017:

This one . . .

This bike . . .

This is a bicycle I want some of you to buy. Not all of you. Just the ones who will understand. […]

The Power+ just might be the best all-around steel bike. It combines the classic smooth and springy quality of steel frames with the agility and aggressiveness of the best modern race bikes”.

Now the Power+ is ready to evolve.

With only 90 pieces available this year, the new Power+ EVO promises to be the perfect choice for those looking for a comfortable bike that goes fast when you put the power down.

Stay tuned – it’s coming very soon.

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