The Grand Tour: a detailed overview

The premium endurance steel road bike adding increased tire clearance to the comfort of handmade steel

A modern steel road bike finished in a red paint scheme, standing against a dark background and above a light grey floor

For many of us, the sense of freedom that comes with exploring unfamiliar roads is what makes a long ride worthwhile.
It’s not just about pushing ourselves to the limit… But rather about discovering new horizons and experiencing the thrill of the journey.
Officina Battaglin’s premium endurance steel road bike, the Grand Tour, is designed to satisfy this craving for exploration.
With a modern fillet-brazed steel frame built from Columbus tubing, the Grand Tour will make you feel like you can ride all day long. And while there’s nothing quite like the seamless comfort of handmade steel, the Grand Tour offers more than just a smooth ride.
The frame can handle tires up to 35 mm. The wider rubber will allow you to effortlessly transition from silky-smooth tarmac to light gravel backroads, so you can conquer rougher paths and uncover hidden gems in your routes.
The Grand Tour’s versatility makes it the ultimate machine for those who want a single bike for different riding conditions.
And most of all, it’s a gateway to rewarding days in the saddle.
Whether you’re embarking on an epic multi-day tour or a long weekend ride, the Grand Tour will be your faithful riding companion. Pedal further, explore deeper, and immerse yourself in the beauty of unexplored landscapes.

The Grand Tour: a detailed overview

The paint scheme of the Grand Tour  is simple yet stunning, showcasing Officina Battaglin’s signature cromovelato finish. Skilled artisans meticulously craft this reflective and deep finish through labor-intensive processes, resulting in a brilliantly colored bike that will take your breath away. Not only is the Grand Tour comfortable to ride, but its eye-catching paint job also adds to the joy of riding something truly extraordinary.

A rear view of the Officina Battaglin Grand Tour steel road bike finished in a red paint scheme

Our ultimate aim is to create a dream bike that is tailored to your specific preferences while providing you with an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experience. We invest significant time and effort in discussing the various options available for your custom build; we keep you informed through phone calls, emails, and captivating photographs of the building process to ensure a personal touch that cannot be achieved with mass-produced bikes.
To maintain this personal approach, we’ve intentionally restricted the Grand Tour to only 50 custom frames (or complete bikes) for 2023. Each frame comes with a numbered plate on the down tube that confirms its authenticity, making it a valuable item to cherish forever.

A numbered plate on the down tube of the Officina Battaglin Grand Tour steel bicycle frame, finished in a red paint scheme

You can order a custom Grand Tour direct from Officina Battaglin and enjoy the full experience of building a frame or bike tailor-made to your preferences. 

A custom Grand Tour frame includes:

  1. custom steel frame built to your measurements in the Battaglin workshop
  2. carbon fork
  3. head parts
  4. Deda Superzero carbon seatpost
  5. Deda Superzero DCR carbon handlebar
  6. Deda Superbox stem
  7. front and rear axle
  8. cromovelato finishing (red or blue)
  9. individually numbered plate
  10. Certificate of Authenticity signed by Giovanni Battaglin

The price for a frame custom-made for you in the Battaglin workshop starts at 4.000 €.

Technical specifications

  • Columbus GB81 tubing (Custom Officina Battaglin specifications)
  • Carbon fork
  • Fillet-brazed construction
  • 1”1/2 straight head tube
  • BSA bottom bracket
  • Custom geometry
  • Two cromovelato colors available
  • Maximum tire clearance 700x35mm