The Collezione Speciale

The limited-edition frameset celebrating Giovanni Battaglin's 65th birthday

** This limited edition is SOLD OUT! **

collezione speciale full crop

“I lived in a small town called San Luca. Lots of people there travelled by bicycle, among them my father and I.My passion for two wheels started when I was young, and in particular, I liked the mechanical side.

This passion is why I started a bike company towards the end of my racing career.

However, when I was a child my passion used to drive my father nuts. I spent my days dismantling his bike, stealing its parts and mounting them on mine, because, you know, they were better than my bike’s parts.

Sometimes he noticed, and sometimes he didn’t. It was a youthful passion, nothing too serious. I certainly had no thoughts of becoming a professional racing cyclist.”

On July 22, 2016, the legend of cycling Giovanni Battaglin turned 65.

Giovanni has spent nearly all of his life with steel bicycles. Riding, designing and building them.

Since 1981, when he won the Giro-Vuelta double and launched his eponymous bikes, thousands of cyclists all over the world have pedaled on Battaglins made from Columbus tubing.

What better way to celebrate his 65th birthday than an exclusive series of steel frames?

At Officina Battaglin we marked the occasion by launching…

The Collezione Speciale

Collezione Speciale is a limited edition of 65 classic lugged framesets that are now completely sold out.

Each frame has a numbered plate brazed to the top tube that authenticates its uniqueness.

But what makes these 65 items even more desirable is the racing pedigree behind their construction.

Each frame has been custom made in the Battaglin workshop to the owner’s measurements, after an individual sizing consultation with Giovanni Battaglin in person.

The first one has been built for Giovanni himself in the measurement that he required during his racing career.

The Collezione Speciale is built from Columbus SL tubing.

While Columbus’ new steel alloys make for lighter and thinner-walled tubing, the name and the shape of this tube set have stayed the same for thirty years.

Columbus SL is a classic of the Italian frame building tradition. That’s why it was an obvious choice for the frame paying tribute to Giovanni’s career in cycling.

Being a Collezione Special owner means enjoying one of the highlights of the Battaglin craftsmanship. And what really turns a bike collection into an art gallery is the special cromovelato finish.

Cromovelato is the most mesmerizing finish you can find on Italian premium classic steel frames.

After polishing the raw frame to a mirror finish, we chrome plate it, and then we paint it with colored lacquer.

With its unique colored chrome effect, the Collezione Speciale’s shine is the ultimate example of Giovanni’s dedication to building beautiful bikes.

Technical specifications

  • Columbus SL tubing
  • Lugged construction
  • Traditional 1” head tube
  • English bottom bracket