Here's what our fellow cyclists said about riding the Officina Battaglin custom steel bikes

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"The Power+ EVO: I’ve never seen such a stunning finish. And the bike is so comfortable!"

“6 months later! Here it is. A sneak peek into an absolute work of art from Officina Battaglin. Never seen such a stunning finish. Made to order. Fully custom geometry. Limited to only 40 bikes. The Power+ Evo!”

“Over 20 years on a bike and hundreds of thousands of kilometers… But today, I felt I was hallucinating.

Absolutely stunning work by Officina Battaglin 🇮🇹 and my Dutch maestro @biekbikes 🇳🇱 for putting this piece of art together.”

“The first thing I did after I reached home in Tashkent?

I went about building my bike. And weighed it! 7 kilos for a custom steel bike from Officina Battaglin. With my favorite Lightweight wheels! Can’t wait to ride this tomorrow!! 😍😍😍”

Over the past few weeks, I have ridden this Battaglin more than any other time during the past year.
Nothing I am going to write here is new. All I wanted to say is that this bike is so comfortable to ride. I got the geometry right! And then each time I go over a rough section, the frame absorbs so many road vibrations despite the fact that

1. I am riding one of the stiffest wheels although they are tubulars

2. A complete carbon integrated cockpit and seat post and

3. A carbon fork!

Lastly, it’s fast. Yesterday I averaged 31 despite going thru the city twice.

Officina Battaglin Power+ Evo 2020 rim brake green cromovelato
Credits: Rajesh Nair’s Instagram Profile (@babavelo)

Officina Battaglin Power+ Evo 2020 rim brake green cromovelato

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