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"My Officina Battaglin Marosticana is the most exquisite, traditional, handbuilt Italian steel frame"

In the 1970s, my Father took me to Harry Quinn’s shop in Liverpool. Harry was a renowned frame builder, but what captured me was Campagnolo, and that was the start of my Italian cycling passion.

After all these years, I’ve completed the project with my Officina Battaglin Marosticanathe most exquisite, traditional, handbuilt Italian steel frame.

I know I’m biased; we all think our children are the most beautiful in the world, but the aesthetic is beyond my imagination. Cromovelato with Italian flag colouring, coupled with a Sella Italia leather saddle (yes, spelt Sella, not Selle for this model), evokes the Italian cycling heritage.

The picture attached was taken just before my first ride. All of the conversation about ‘ride quality’ doesn’t come close to the experience of this bike. It might be the construction, or it might be the custom geometry, but what it is is sublime.

For me, cycling is as much about heritage. I’ve been part of the carbon, integrated cable, disc brake, and electronic shifting world, but I reached a point of wanting to get off the treadmill. I wanted to return to all that makes cycling a historical sport—the smooth feel of an exquisite steel frame and the glide of mechanical Campagnolo. I have to think about braking because I can’t simply slam on with discs. I understand that this isn’t for everyone, but it is for me.

Committing to a custom build is significant, but the team at Officina Battaglin communicated with me throughout the process and delivered 3 weeks ahead of schedule!

What I liked most about the purchase experience is the photographic journey of the build. I continued that as I built up the bike. I doubt my grandchildren will care much, but maybe one of them will hang the bike up somewhere in the future and accompany it with the photo album.

My Marosticana connects me with that mythical, Italian cycling heritage, and I love it!

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Hi Dario, I’m really pleased with how stunning my Marosticana looks and how smooth it rides while still being very responsive with the Lightweight wheels and the Campa Super Record.  It feels even more responsive than my last carbon bikes, and I can ride it 2km/h faster than my Faggin.  It’s like my Maserati Levante…

“WOW !!!!!!!!! Even better than I was expecting Alex. Totally stunning. I’ve owned a lot of bicycle frames since 1981 and this is, without doubt, the most beautiful. Inside the bottom bracket shell you can feel that the tube mitres are just spot on. The attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship are just sublime.…

“I’ve ridden a lot of bikes; some top of the line carbon fiber, some custom aluminum or steel. I’ve spent almost a year on my Battaglin Power Plus and what I liked at the very beginning about it holds true over 3,000 miles later: it has that wonderful, classic ride feel you expect out of…

“I received the frame yesterday afternoon. There are no words to describe how wonderful the frame looks. It is a work of art. I am so very pleased with it. Thank you so much. I cannot wait to get it built and ride it. I have started the assembly process late last night. Again thank…

Dear Alex, First, I would like to thank the whole Battaglin team & family for building this dream bike for me. I’d like to thank your father Giovanni for designing the bike. It’s such an honor to own it. And of course, I’d like to thank you. You were very patient with my impatience. Even amid…

“I am really enjoying the Marosticana that Officina Battaglin built for me: beauty, grace, responsiveness, and speed in one package. I get a lot of compliments on it when riding here in Raleigh, North Carolina. While stopped at a light here in town recently, one rider crossed the intersection just to have a closer look…

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