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"I could ride even faster than my carbon bike because my Portofino is so comfortable and stable"

Dear Alex,

Ciao. Grazie mille.

Please, on my behalf, thank your dad for designing such a tremendous frame for me. And thank the team for building such a unique color scheme for me. It is so beautiful.


I was originally skeptical about switching to a steel bike that is 1kg heavier than my Colnago carbon frame.

But by looking at Mark’s bike every time he rode, I was so attracted by the color finishing that I convinced myself to give it a try.

Besides, he still rides fast and climbs well, so I thought, “Ok, let’s go”.

I had my first ride this weekend, 60km.

To my astonishment, I could ride even faster than my carbon bike because it is so comfortable and stable.

I couldn’t even imagine I’d even climb better and ride faster than Mark… Haha… He was absolutely silent.

I could even manage to speed at 38-40km/hr and constantly pass some of the boys.

I think they were wondering if I was riding an e-bike… But to their surprise, it was a lady riding a steel bike.

That’s when they started shouting, “WOW WOW WOW, a steel bike!”.

I bet they thought I had extraordinary legs. How else could a lady go faster than them on a steel bike while they were lightweight carbon… Funny.

A few of them were also shouting, “Wow, look at this bike!”. The Italian cromovelato color is just shining out. I am not so jealous when riding with Mark anymore, as now people are also looking at my bike!

Best of all, I don’t have any single pain in my body after the ride, especially in my back.

I can’t wait to ride to the Tokyo Olympic Mt Fuji course.

Hope one day I can ride to Marostica.

God bless you all. Stay safe, stay healthy.


Nami Shibutani, Japan


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