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"To say my Marosticana is spectacular is an understatement… And it rides superbly too"

A custom Officina Battaglin Marosticana steel road bike finished in pink cromovelato standing against a wooden fence on a sunny day

“I started my wonderful journey with Alex and the other people from Officina Battaglin last year.

After submitting my email, Alex arranged an interview and outlined the models and the options. I signed up and submitted my measurements, and agreed on the custom-sized frame measurements.

A few weeks later, we had another interview with Alex and agreed on the colour and braze ons etc.

Each stage was thorough, clear, and interesting. Throughout the process, I received emails and pictures of my frame being built, polished, chromed, and painted.

I received the frameset a few months after my initial contact with the company, and WOW! To say the frameset is spectacular is an understatement, and it rides superbly too.

I would not hesitate in recommending the company and the product, a truly unique and wonderful experience from start to finish.

Real craftsmen and a bicycle to treasure.”

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“Like the classic road bike made from Columbus SL, it was really smooth and comfortable to ride the Marosticana at the middle-speed range.”

“I received the frame yesterday afternoon. There are no words to describe how wonderful the frame looks. It is a work of art. I am so very pleased with it. Thank you so much. I cannot wait to get it built and ride it. I have started the assembly process late last night. Again thank…

In the 1970s, my Father took me to Harry Quinn’s shop in Liverpool. Harry was a renowned frame builder, but what captured me was Campagnolo, and that was the start of my Italian cycling passion. After all these years, I’ve completed the project with my Officina Battaglin Marosticana—the most exquisite, traditional, handbuilt Italian steel frame. I…

Dear Alex, First, I would like to thank the whole Battaglin team & family for building this dream bike for me. I’d like to thank your father Giovanni for designing the bike. It’s such an honor to own it. And of course, I’d like to thank you. You were very patient with my impatience. Even amid…

“I want to thank you for such a wonderful bike. I have ridden aluminum, titanium and carbon over the past 30 years and the Power+ stands out for its balanced ride quality, handling and comfort.”

“To My Friend Alex: In December of 2018, I went on a group ride and saw my friend, Allen McKay, on this stunning bike.   I rode up to him and told him that’s the third different bike I’ve seen you on in the last 3 rides together and that is the most beautiful of the…

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