Here's what our fellow cyclists said about riding the Officina Battaglin custom steel bikes

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"“I will be the peloton’s highlight for at least 6 months because of this beauty!”"

“Dear Alex & Dario,

I have received the Power+ EVO safe and sound, and I’ve just finished assembling it. 

I put on the Ultra WTO 45 with GP5000 continental 25-mm tires, bike computer mount, carbon bottle cage, and Xpedo pedals.

Surprisingly it weighs 8.13kg… Which is not bad at all for a steel bike. Wow… It’s even lighter than my Titanium Moots RSL, with approximately the same specs.

I found this bike to be very quiet. Smooth and comfy. Regardless of the wheelset, the frame reduces and absorbs vibrations quite nicely.

Well done, Alex and Dario.

I believe that by just changing the crank, it would be easy to go below 8kg – 7.8kg is feasible without any major effort.

It’s great to have this Power+ EVO. I will be the peloton’s highlight for at least 6 months because of its beauty!

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“I want to thank you for such a wonderful bike. I have ridden aluminum, titanium and carbon over the past 30 years and the Power+ stands out for its balanced ride quality, handling and comfort.”

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“I love the bike. It’s way different, in that it is steel, but it’s super comfy and loves to roll!!!” Photo credits: Morgan Segal Photography www.morgansegal.com Build credits: Zealot Cycleworks https://www.zealotcycleworks.com/

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“I first heard of Giovanni Battaglin in the early ’80s when I got into bicycle racing. Being from Italian descent, I have always been a fan of the Italian cycling greats.  Having owned Bianchi and Pinarello bikes, I always longed for a Battaglin, especially knowing the company’s pedigree and the success they achieved during the…

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