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"The Portofino R is definitely more comfortable, but gets up to speed surprisingly quickly"

“Coming from 10+ years and 100,000 KM on a very nice carbon bike, my expectation was a slightly more comfortable ride but minor sacrifice of speed.

I discovered that the Portofino R rides better in every possible way.

Definitely more comfortable, but also gets up to speed on flats surprisingly quickly, and when the slope extends into double-digit gradient she has the wings of an angel and floats up the hills.

The decision to fly across the Atlantic to meet and personally thank your team was a last-minute impulse that may be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I can think of no better way to christen such a beautiful bicycle than to take it through the mountains in the region in which she was born.”

“Magnificent weather, most beautiful ride of my life, a perfect beginning to my life with Portofino R #69”

“This is a bike and an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life

“For years I’ve been saving towards a “dream bike”, with the specific bike rotating as the major brands roll out a new flagship model each year.

I happened across Officina Battaglin after reading an article about their unique paint/process, and my “dreams” were quickly obsolete—it was clear that the Portofino R was my soul mate :-).

This was not merely a purchase and a review of a product–it was a process that began with a video call with the head of the company to discuss my goals, riding style, physical ability, etc., and from that moment forward, every aspect of the product and process was focused on putting me on a bicycle that perfectly aligns with my body and my performance.

Just a few of the aspects of this that blew me away:

  • After submitting body measurements and some specifications of my current bike, I quickly received a detailed dimensional drawing of the proposed Portofino R, customized for my measurements.
  • I was assigned a specific customer service person who created a shared cloud drive/folder that served as a “scrapbook”, adding photos and videos throughout the construction of the bike. Seeing the tubing, frame welds, buffing/polishing, my serialized plate helped establish a direct connection to the bicycle and the craftsmen producing it that no other “dream bike” manufacturer can equal.

  • As the bike neared completion, during one of the many video calls discussing progress, I floated the idea of flying from USA to Italy to pick up the bike, ride it up some of the famous climbs of the Giro that are a short drive from Officina Battaglin’s shop. Alex and Dario went above and beyond and provided outstanding recommendations for accommodations, routes, etc.

As if the bicycle and service itself wasn’t amazing enough, the week I spent picking it up and riding it in the region where it was born took my delight to an even higher level.

I was given a personal tour of the shop, met and made personal connections to the people involved, and it was obvious everyone is passionate and committed to the craft. I even got to meet the legendary Giovanni Battaglin, who was personally involved in the design of my bike.

There just aren’t enough stars that I can leave on this review. The bike is amazing. The process was amazing. The experience of the maiden ride climbing Monte Grappa, followed the next day by two ascents of the Stelvio Pass, is beyond amazing. This is a bike and an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Thank you, Battaglin employees, family, and vendor partners, for ‘La mia bellissima amante italiana’ – my most beautiful Italian mistress.”

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