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"“The Power+ EVO is really comfortable, but it’s stiff when you need it to be”"

“I was always keen on a bespoke steel bike.

Then on the Internet, I saw the Power+ EVO. The cromovelato finish, a very modern look with the concealed cables and the dropped seat stays… I thought it was a modern take on a classic steel bike.

So, I started the project in June 2020, but Covid came in again and there were all kinds of delays. Fortunately, the frame arrived in February 2021, just in time for my 58th birthday.

My Power+ EVO is a really comfortable bike to ride, but it’s stiff when you need it to be. It responds very well when you put down power, but it’s always a compliant ride, even with some shocking UK roads. 

It does everything all right and really well. 

I have seven road bikes. I don’t know if it’s because it was designed to my body measurements… But the Power+ EVO is the fastest, one of the lightest, and according to the myWindSock app, one of the most aerodynamic as well.

I love my Power+ EVO. I have a garden room built at the back of our garden, a place to go and relax. The Power+ hangs on there, and it’s a bit like an ornament on the wall. All the rest of my bikes are in the garage. I sit there and look at it when I don’t ride it. 

As my wife says, ‘it’s a pretty bike’! The light blue cromovelato is just a stunning shade of blue.”

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“WOW !!!!!!!!! Even better than I was expecting Alex. Totally stunning. I’ve owned a lot of bicycle frames since 1981 and this is, without doubt, the most beautiful. Inside the bottom bracket shell you can feel that the tube mitres are just spot on. The attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship are just sublime.…

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“Dear Alex & Dario, I have received the Power+ EVO safe and sound, and I’ve just finished assembling it.  I put on the Ultra WTO 45 with GP5000 continental 25-mm tires, bike computer mount, carbon bottle cage, and Xpedo pedals. Surprisingly it weighs 8.13kg… Which is not bad at all for a steel bike. Wow……

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