Here's what our fellow cyclists said about riding the Officina Battaglin custom steel bikes

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"“On a sunny spring day, I took my Power+ EVO for a first ride. How can a bike be this comfortable yet so stiff and responsive?”"

“WOW, what a bike! 

That was my first thought when I saw the Power+ EVO on the GCN Tech Show. 

Officina Battaglin had just launched this new bike. I just couldn’t get the picture out of my head and wanted to know more. 

I reached out to the company and got introduced to the Battaglin family and brand with their history. 

I learned more about the process of how the bikes are being made, and to be honest, that made me even more excited! 

Alex and I got in touch and couldn’t stop talking about our shared love: bikes! 

He gave me a more detailed view of the product, customer priorities, and how they work at Battaglin. I must admit that I couldn’t wait to create a special custom bike with him

We composed my bike in parts and details, and later on, Giovanni and Alex suggested the geometry. 

We figured out the sizes, angles, and geometry. I was a part of every single step of the process, which made the bike even more valuable for me

Alex kept me posted with updates and photos, even during the production of this masterpiece. And let me tell you, this is not just a company that makes stunning-looking frames… They are established frame builders! 

We had an estimated date for shipping, but with Covid and other circumstances, the process was delayed. I didn’t mind; there was no need to rush. The quality was way more important. 

We had calls like every other week, basically just chatting. Alex kept me posted about the company and the whole process. 

It’s challenging when other companies can’t deliver the supplies you need. The integrated handlebar from Deda was not in stock for a long time, and after a while, Alex told me the Alanera was still not available in my size. It took weeks. 

But he made some calls and managed to get one from UAE Team Emirates. 

Then Campagnolo just launched their newest Bora Ultra WTO wheels. These were the perfect wheels for me, especially with the details’ colors matching the frame. 

Of course, Alex was able to get three of the first pairs out of the factory available to the public in the sizes 33, 45, and the 60. He just can’t disappoint! 

And there it was… A huge box on my doorstep. Could it be? YES IT WAS! After opening the box, I was overwhelmed, even though I already had high expectations. 

Honestly, it is just too beautiful to ride. But also, it would be a waste not to! 

In spring ’22, on a dry and sunny day, I took it for a first ride. 

Amazing! What a comfort! Never felt anything like it. It’s like putting on a new pair of tailor-made pants for the first time. 

Pushing power to the pedals is a direct hit. Pulling on the handlebars doesn’t show any signs of swinging. 

How can you make a bike this comfortable yet so stiff and responsive? Well, ask Alex. He knows. 

Thank you all at Officina Battaglin for making my bike. You are real craftsmen. 

And special thanks to Alex for his time and effort!”

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