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"I rode the Portofino in the 2023 Haute Route Pyrenees: it has all the right racing ingredients!"

“Wow, what a stunning bike!

I ordered the Portofino for my Haute Route and Gran Fondo adventures, and I had the pleasure of riding it in the 2023 Haute Route Pyrenees.

The Haute Route Pyrenees, one of the world’s most prestigious 5-day bike races for amateurs, took us from Andorra to Pau, with 15,000 meters of elevation and all the legendary Pyrenees climbs.

The Portofino delivered so well in all areas, including giving me the comfort to compete in a multiday race after my spinal fusion.

And in the spirit of Giovanni, I just felt great on my Portofino, day after day, and had my best day on day 5.

Climbing with the Portofino was super smooth… And the combination of Lightweight Meilenstein wheels with a Campagnolo Super Record groupset gives you tremendous power transfer.

It was such a great combo to climb all day long, which I love to do! And great responsiveness to attack the steepest sections and steep inner corners out of the saddle.

What goes up goes down, and the Portofino is so fast and stable in the descents… It’s amazing.

The Portofino has all the right racing ingredients:

  • smooth climbing
  • great power transfer and responsiveness;
  • quick and stable when descending;
  • perfect for riding fast on the flats or in the bunch.

Well done, guys!

And finally, what also really calls out for the Portofino… The looks and that stunning cromovelato finish.

I really liked the peloton’s appreciation for this bike, which was almost bizarre to experience.

I’ve already lost count of the number of folks who praised the Portofino as the most stunning bike in the peloton during the Haute Route Pyrenees.

So be prepared… You will not only be riding a great bike, but also a true head-turner!

Thank you, Alex, Giovanni, and team, for another amazing Officina Battaglin bike!

Looking forward to bringing my Portofino home next year, by racing the ’24 Haute Route Dolomites!”

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