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"The photos don’t do justice to how beautiful the paintwork and craftsmanship of the Portofino are in reality"

Officina Battaglin Portofino Italian Flag cromovelato

Dear Alex,

First, I would like to thank the whole Battaglin team & family for building this dream bike for me.

I’d like to thank your father Giovanni for designing the bike. It’s such an honor to own it.

And of course, I’d like to thank you. You were very patient with my impatience. Even amid the Covid situation, you rushed it out to meet the date I wanted. A real pleasure to work with you.

Your suggestions for the color combination, component selection, and the Deda Vinci cockpit in matching finish have made the bike so beautiful that I place it in my living room and enjoy looking at it. Like a piece of art.

When I first saw the Portofino in a local bike shop, I knew I would get it. The cromovelato color and the lugs reminded me of the good old days.

I couldn’t believe such a bike could exist these days. The oversized tubing also caught my eye. I thought it was something different.

I am so glad for your call explaining the whole process, and I am glad you convinced me.

Finally, after the long wait, the bike is here. The photos don’t do justice to how beautiful the paintwork and craftsmanship of the bike are in reality.

Italy’s finest. I am so pleased that I waited.

To my astonishment, the power transfer while climbing was exceptional during my first ride. The chainstays are very strong and stable, and they helped me push. Perhaps it’s the custom geometry. It fits me so well, like an Armani suit.

Lastly, thank you for the Battaglin Jersey as my birthday present. I’ll be proud to wear it on every ride to achieve a million miles.

Can’t wait to see your new project. Wish to see a gravel!

God bless

Mark Lee, Singapore

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