[VIDEO] A custom steel road bike to improve comfort on long climbs | Custom Bike of the Week

By leonardofinetti

Want to see how a custom steel road bike should be to make long climbs more comfortable?

Look no further than here.

Join Alex at the Battaglin museum in Marostica for a detailed rundown of a premium steel bike custom built for an expert Swiss cyclist who loves climbing.

In this Custom Bike of the Week’s episode, you’ll discover an Officina Battaglin Power+ Disc that possesses all the qualities a climber desires most.

First, you’ll learn about the cyclist’s preferences.

When creating a custom bike, the builder should always start from the owner’s unique needs and desires.

After riding stiff carbon bikes for several years, the owner wanted to go back to steel to increase comfort during long days in the mountains.

That’s why the project started with a clear goal: crafting a modern Italian steel frame and equipping it with the latest (and lightest) parts that would make steep ascents easier.

Then, you’ll get to take a closer look at the frame.

It’s a Power+ Disc made to the owner’s exact measurements after an individual consultation with Giovanni Battaglin.

With its smooth joints and oversize Columbus tubing, the Power+ Disc blends the high craftsmanship of fillet-brazed construction with a contemporary look and modern disc brakes.

Finally, you’ll discover the components chosen to adorn the frame.

The cyclist wanted his custom steel bike to be 100% Italian: a full Campagnolo build was a must!

On this Power+ Disc, you’ll see the latest technology from Campagnolo that makes it the ultimate dream bike.

Now it’s time to climb the Alps riding this beauty, and take some pictures of it with breathtaking landscapes in the background!

Do you want to discover Giovanni Battaglin’s secret formula to building a custom steel bike that rides like a dream?

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