[VIDEO] Building a steel road bike: 5 steps to a great custom frame

By Editorial Team

The heart of any steel road bike is the frame.

And in this video, you’ll discover the 5 steps to a great custom frame.    

In fact, there are many factors in the frame building process that have an impact on how your custom bike will look and ride.

Alex will walk you through the exact sequence used by the Battaglin workshop for building thousands of custom steel frames since 1981.

Here’s what he’s going to cover.

Step #1: you’ll discover what you should provide to your frame builder to make sure the frame geometry suits all your needs.

Step #2: You’ll learn why you should choose a specific frame model. This might also mean also choosing between different types of frame construction. 

Step #3: Rim brakes or disc brakes? Here’s where you’ll have to choose one side of one of this contemporary cycling debate. Make sure it’s the right one for you!

Step #4: Want to add some custom touches? Here are 2 different ways to customize your frame so that it’s even more unique.  

Step #5: Now that your raw frame has been built, it’s time to turn it into a work of art with a custom paint job. And if you want to make your steel bike a real head-turner, don’t forget to ask your frame builder about the cromovelato!

Do you want to discover Giovanni Battaglin’s secret formula to building a custom steel bike that rides like a dream?

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9 comments on “[VIDEO] Building a steel road bike: 5 steps to a great custom frame

  1. Alex

    I have just watched your 5 step recording and I am very impressed. Your passion for the perfect bike is wonderful. This process is the best thing that is going on for me at the moment. I am looking forward to working with you over the next few weeks.

  2. Hello Alessandro

    It is Akimasa Nakajima who has ordered Marosticana SLX10 / 10.
    I have watched the video.
    Is my frame approaching completion after that? Please tell me how to decide the color. I think blue is good.
    Thank you.

    Akimasa Nakajima

    • Hello AKimasa, I’ll send you a private video in a few minutes with all the color options you can choose.

  3. Hi Alex

    I’m a proud owner the nr. 44 of collezione speciale. Unfortunately has the cromovelato finish paint a lack. Could you please answer my E-Mails from the last weeks about this problems.

    Kind regards
    Carlo Ferrari

    • Hi Carlo, I’ll look into this to understand why I didn’t get your emails. Maybe it’s just because I’m using a different address from when we released the Collezione Speciale back in 2016. I’ll send you my new email address right away!

  4. Alex:
    I bought a Power+ frame from you in 2017. It is a work of art and the finest bike frame I have owned in 50+ years of riding. Bravo to you and your company for your dedication to excellence.


    Chris Corrigan (USA)

    • Hi Christopher, glad to hear you’re enjoying the ride quality and the look of your Power+! Thanks for sharing your testimonial.

  5. Hello Alex, I looked at all your videos and must say that I am very impressed about what i`ve seen. So my decision to by a custom bike from your workshop was a very good one and I´m very strung to breaking point to see and to ride my Power Evo+!

    • Hi Joachim, thanks for your kind words! As you saw in the videos building a custom steel frame from scratch takes time and patience, but hopefully your Power+ EVO will be worth the wait! Thanks again for choosing Officina Battaglin.

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