[VIDEO] Classic steel frame + modern components: here’s the Arena 1981 No. 9!

By Editorial Team

Love the look and feel of classic steel bicycles which take advantage of modern technology? Then this video is for you.

In today’s Custom Bike of the Week episode, you’ll discover the limited-edition Arena 1981 No. 9 frame assembled with the latest Campagnolo components.

So, here’s what Alex is going to cover.

First, you’ll learn the reason behind the release of this limited batch of 38 custom frames finished in pink cromovelato.

There’s a specific anniversary it’s celebrating… Which is deeply connected with the Verona Arena, the Roman amphitheater where this year’s Giro d’Italia will end. 

Then, you’ll learn about the owner’s cycling needs and why the Arena 1981 was the perfect choice for him.

His previous carbon bikes were preventing him from fully enjoying his rides… 

But after speaking with Alex about the Arena 1981’s characteristics, he knew this was the bike that would have improved his cycling life.

A steel bike that combines traditional aesthetics and modern technology

Finally, you’ll discover how the bike came together.

After working on the custom geometry, we built the frame to the owner’s measurements using Columbus SL tubing and cast lugs.

For the full build, the owner wanted to combine the elegance of the classics with all-new technology. 

Featuring Campagnolo’s top-tier groupset and wheels, the final result is a comfortable steel bike that rides superbly and is sure to stand out within the local bunch.

A question for you

Now, here’s a question for you: what do you think about this build?

Do you like it? 

Would you like a classic-looking frame assembled with modern parts?

If you’re interested in building a custom road bike as unique as the Arena 1981 No. 9, head to www.callofficinabattaglin.com to request a free callback from the Officina Battaglin team. 

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