VIDEO | Custom road bike build inspirations | #6

By Editorial Team

Looking for inspiration for your next road bike build?

Take a look at this custom Portofino steel road bike finished in light blue cromovelato.

It’s the new ride of Sabrina, a dedicated cyclist from Singapore…

And here’s the story behind this project.

Switching from a high-end carbon road bike to custom-made steel to improve riding comfort

We met Sabrina in person during the Officina Battaglin launch event in Singapore in December 2021.

The Portofino showcased at the Michelin-starred restaurant where the event was held immediately caught her eye… 

But it was also the benefits of its unique design that intrigued her.

At the time, she was riding a high-end carbon road bike. 

While the bike’s standard size suited her quite well, she also felt slightly stiff at the end of the ride.  

During the event, she learned from Alex and Giovanni Battaglin about the Portofino’s unparalleled riding comfort, achieved through its modern oversized lugs.

Sabrina knew there and then she had to have her own Portofino… And she secured the sixth build slot available for 2022.

The frame building process

Alex and Giovanni Battaglin developed the frame geometry using her body measurements and a recent bike fitting report.

Sabrina’s Portofino was built from scratch, using Columbus GB81 tubing and Officina Battaglin’s proprietary cast lugs

Brazing the frame’s seat lug

The Officina Battaglin Support team was committed to making the 6-month waiting a little less excruciating… 

So, they provided Sabrina with photos of her frame after each step of the building process.

Sabrina's Portofino custom steel frame while it's being on a special alignment table
Aligning the frame after the brazing process using a special alignment table
The frame after the polishing process: all the residual flux from the brazing has been removed
The frame after the buffing process: it’s starting to become shinier

Finally, the moment came to choose the frame color.

After carefully considering all the cromovelato options offered by Officina Battaglin’s Premium Cromovelato Selection, Sabrina picked light blue cromovelato

Light blue cromovelato is a delicate yet vibrant shade. Its blueish tones become more glowing as they interact with sunlight. 

The top tube of Sabrina's custom steel frame finished in light blue cromovelato with chrome details
Light blue cromovelato with chrome details

To top it off, Sabrina upgraded to a stem, handlebar, and seatpost in matching finish… 

Making her Portofino the type of bike that sparks a conversation at every group ride.

Adorning the frame with the very best of Campagnolo

After the frame, the groupset and the wheels are the parts that most impact the bike’s performance.

For her dream bike, Sabrina wanted nothing but the best… 

And that’s why she went for the peak of Campagnolo’s offerings, the 12-speed Super Record EPS and the Bora Ultra WTO 45.

A beautiful bike to escape from the fast-paced city life

From the sleek aesthetic to the parts selection, we designed every aspect of this bike to inspire and bring joy. 

We couldn’t be more proud of it!

Sabrina's custom road bike build: Officina Battaglin Portofino finished in light blue cromovelato and assembled with Campagnolo groupset and Campagnolo wheels.
The final result!

As custom bike builders, our most profound wish is that Sabrina’s Portofino will create memorable moments in the saddle… 

And that every new adventure it will take her on will be a beautiful escape from the fast-paced city life of Singapore.

Officina Battaglin Portofino 2022: road bike build specifications

FRAMESET: Officina Battaglin Portofino 2022 No. 6 of 50

FINISH: Light blue cromovelato (Officina Battaglin Premium Selection)

GROUPSET: Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12-speed disc

WHEELS: Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO 45

HANDLEBAR: Deda Superzero in matching cromovelato finish

STEM: Deda Superbox in matching cromovelato finish

SEATPOST: Deda Superzero in matching cromovelato finish

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