VIDEO | Custom road bike build inspirations | #7

By Editorial Team

Looking for inspiration for your next road bike build?

In this video, we showcase the beauty of a custom Power+ EVO steel road bike assembled with top-tier Campagnolo parts.

The build project

Cheryl, the owner, is a passionate cyclist from Las Vegas.

She ordered a bike from Officina Battaglin just a few weeks after her husband Gary and their friend Steve ordered theirs.

But unlike Gary and Steve, who chose a Portofino, Chery went for the more racing-oriented Power+ EVO, reserving one of the 50 build slots available.

Cheryl’s frame was designed to her body measurements by Alex and Giovanni Battaglin.

It was built from scratch, joining the Columbus GB81 tubes through fillet-brazed construction. This specific building technique is the secret to the Power+ EVO’s smooth and seamless joints.

Working on a bespoke paint scheme

Cheryl really struggled to choose the frame’s colors.

She wanted to opt for red cromovelato…

But she was not sure about sticking to the 2022 standard paint scheme combining the cromovelato color with lucid black.

The Officina Battaglin design team embarked on a mission to make her Power+ EVO one-of-a-kind.

Among the options that the designers provided to Cheryl, the one that won her over was the combination of red cromovelato and polished chrome on the bottom section of the frame.

It’s an especially eye-catching combination, as the polished chrome makes the frame even more shiny and reflective.

The build kit

But the tough decisions weren’t over yet: it was time to choose the parts for the build.

Cheryl had always used Shimano mechanical groupsets…

And an Italian frame seemed like the perfect excuse for switching to the latest Campagnolo electronic groupset and pairing it with the Bora Ultra WTO 45 wheels.

Cheryl’s bike was completed around the same time as Gary’s and Steve’s.

So, why not organize the perfect cycling vacation to Italy, picking up the new bikes and riding them in their native country?

Picking up the bike at the Battaglin workshop

Cheryl, Gary, Steve, and Steve’s wife, Lisa, flew to Italy in early October, making the first stop at the Battaglin workshop.

Cheryl, Gary, and Steve were fitted by Giovanni Battaglin to dial in the perfect position in the saddle.

Then, they tested the bikes riding on the country roads around the workshop.

The exciting pick-up was a unique chance to experience the true essence of Italian cycling.

Cheryl and her traveling companions also had the chance to taste some local Italian food in the company of Giovanni Battaglin at a fine dining restaurant in Marostica.

Here you can find a video about the whole Experience

But for now, sit back, relax, and let Cheryl’s Power+ EVO inspire you to create your dream bike.

Officina Battaglin Power+ EVO 2022: build specifications

FRAMESET: Officina Battaglin Power+ EVO 2022 No. 10 of 50

FINISH: Custom version of the 2022 paint scheme, combining red cromovelato (Officina Battaglin Premium Selection) with polished chrome

GROUPSET: Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12-speed disc

WHEELS: Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO 45

HANDLEBAR: Deda Superzero in matching cromovelato finish

STEM: Deda Vinci in matching cromovelato finish

SEATPOST: Deda Superzero in matching cromovelato finish

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