VIDEO | A dream cycling holiday in Italy on Italian steel road bikes: the Battaglin Experience

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Cycling in Italy is great… But riding a brand-new Italian custom steel road bike can make for a dream cycling holiday!

This video has captured the best moments of three American cyclists’ Battaglin Experience

And here’s the full story behind it.

Planning a dream cycling holiday in Italy on Italian dream bikes

Gary, his wife Cheryl, and their friend Steve all ordered a custom Officina Battaglin bike in spring 2022. 

Sharing a love for the Belpaese, they planned to pick it up at the Battaglin workshop.

It would have been the perfect opportunity for a dream cycling holiday in the Veneto and Lombardy regions!

So, as soon as the three projects were completed a few months later, the three riding companions and Steve’s wife, Lisa, flew to Italy.

The beauty of the perfectly crafted steel bikes awaiting them inside the workshop left them speechless.

The attention to detail, the care, and the passion that Officina Battaglin puts into each custom build were evident.

The three cyclists were eager to test the ride feel… 

But before they put in a single pedal stroke, the legend Giovanni Battaglin helped them find the ideal setup on the saddle.

Finally, they took the bikes for a spin in the countryside around the workshop, enjoying the smoothness of handmade steel and the luster of cromovelato.

Enjoying Italian food in the company of a cycling legend

But the Battaglin Experience wasn’t over yet. 

For the evening, a very special dinner awaited the four friends at La Rosina, one of the best fine-dining restaurants in the area.

At La Rosina, Gary, Cheryl, Steve, and Lisa were treated to some delicious Italian dishes and wines in the company of Officina Battaglin’s founder.

During the dinner, they had the chance to learn from the man himself some of the most curious anecdotes from his cycling career and some behind-the-scenes moments that will never be in any cycling book. 

The true meaning of the Battaglin Experience

It’s easy to imagine the excitement and joy that Gary, Cheryl, Steve, and Lisa felt during this unprecedented cycling holiday. 

But what truly shines through in the video is the love for cycling that unites people from all over the world. 

The Battaglin Experience isn’t just about getting a new bike. 

It’s about sharing a passion with like-minded individuals… Enjoying the beauty of Italy’s landscape… And creating memories that will last a lifetime. 

It’s a reminder that what we love most can bring us together, even across oceans and cultures. 

And that’s the most beautiful thing.

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  1. Bravissimo!

    So amazing the work you are doing, the inspiration you inspire and the sheer tradition you exude.

    Thank you so very much for sharing all of it .


    • Thank you for the kind words Van!

  2. Wow ! That must have been a super. Experience . Such beautiful bikes in beautiful Italy .
    Thank you for sharing .

    • It was! Thank you, David. Glad you enjoyed the video!

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