[VIDEO] How a CROMOVELATO steel frame is actually made

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If you have been wondering how this spectacular finish is actually achieved on a steel frame, this video will give you the answer.

Cromovelato was used for some of the most iconic Italian steel bikes back in the 80s. And a few expert craftsmen in Italy still do it.

However, it’s hard to find reliable information on how to obtain this distinctive colored-chrome effect.

In fact, many cyclists think it’s a special kind of paint.

That’s just not correct!

In this video, Alex from Officina Battaglin reveals the secrets behind a TRUE cromovelato finish.

First, you’ll discover what the cromovelato process actually consists of.

Hint: “cromovelato” is an Italian word.

The correct English translation will help you understand the difference between an ordinary paintwork and the cromovelato’s translucent colors.

Then, you’ll learn the 4-step process to achieve a true cromovelato finish on a steel frame.

It’s the same process used for some of the Officina Battaglin’s limited-edition framesets, and for the Portofino’s premium versions.

You’ll learn what skilled craftsmen do during each step, and you’ll see how Columbus SL steel tubes transform into a fine cromovelato Italian frame.

The model chosen for the video is Arena 1981.

It’s a limited edition launched in May to celebrate Giovanni Battaglin’s Giro win in the Verona Arena.

Unfortunately, there were only 37 pieces available, and they sold out right while we were editing the video…

But if you’ve desperately fallen in love with the amazing look of the cromovelato, you might be relieved to hear that we offer the cromovelato as a custom finish for the Portofino.

Do you want to discover Giovanni Battaglin’s secret formula to building a custom steel bike that rides like a dream?

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