[VIDEO] How to build your steel road bike from a classic frame and modern components

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Can you build a steel road bike from a classic-looking frame and modern components?

The answer is yes! And this new video will show you how.

Join Alex in the Battaglin workshop in Marostica, Italy. 

Today, you’ll discover the 6 steps to a custom steel road bike that blends classic style and modern performance.

And here’s a breakdown of this specific process step by step.

Step #1 – The groupset

The first and crucial step is choosing the groupset for your bike. 

The good news is that you can choose all kinds of modern groupsets. 

In fact, compared to vintage frames that were built for a 5 or 6-speed transmission, a classic-looking frame built today has more spacing between the dropouts.

This means that you’ll be able to equip your bike even with the latest 12-speed groupsets. 

In the video, you’ll also discover why you should give a thought to the groupset during the construction of the frame (and not after).

Step #2 – The stem

The second step is choosing the type of stem you want on your road bike.

You will have 2 options: a traditional 1” quill stem, or a modern stem with an adaptor.

In the video, you’ll discover how each type of stem will affect the design and construction of your frame.

Again, this is a decision that you will have to take before the frame is completed. 

In fact, your preferences will influence the fork’s specifications.

Step #3 – The seatpost

The internal diameter of a classic-looking frame’s seat tube requires a 27.2mm seatpost.

So, which 27.2mm seatpost is right for you?

In the video, you’ll learn why carbon might be the perfect choice for building a comfortable bike while saving weight.

Step #4 – The wheels

Now it’s time to choose a component that has a huge influence on the bike’s ride quality and aesthetics: the wheels.

In the video, Alex shares his view on why nothing beats deep-section carbon wheels.

Step #5 – The tire width

Which tire width should you run on your bike?

A classic-looking frame is designed to accept tires up to 25mm.   

In the video, you’ll discover why you won’t need 28mm tires to enjoy the best possible riding comfort on your steel bike.

Step #6 – The finishing kit

At this point in the process, you’ll just need a few more components to complete the build.

For the saddle, the handlebar tape and the accessories it will all come down to your personal preferences.

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One comment on “[VIDEO] How to build your steel road bike from a classic frame and modern components

  1. I bought a late ’70’s Zeus supercronos frame, it came with a Zeus headset and bottom bracket. After cold pressing the rear stays from 126 mm to 130, modern wheels fit. I will add new Campagnolo Chorus 12 speed mechanical front and rear derailleurs. Am having a bit of trouble finding derailleur cable stops for the down tube that fit the very Zeus-specific shifter fittings. I’ll figure it out. May take some cutting and grinding.
    Other than that, it all looks good to go… still waiting on delivery of derailleurs. I added an old seatpost (I had an old Campagnolo on hand), and am keeping the 1″ diameter stem, added an old Cinelli from eBay. Also had an old Campagnolo crankset, 53/42 with the larger one drilled out and “Pinarello” pantograph, which is kinda cool.
    Can send photos when done, should be about 2 weeks from now (today is 9/13/2022).

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