[VIDEO] NEW custom bike with AMAZING CROMOVELATO finish!

By Editorial Team

Want to see a custom bike with a truly spectacular finish?

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Today, Alex will show you a custom Portofino finished in an amazing blue cromovelato.

This is a Portofino Premium, the most exclusive version of the Officina Battaglin Portofino.

Kevin, the owner, is a famous journalist from Malaysia. He already owns several custom bikes, but this time he was looking for something special and unique.

He reached out to the Battaglin workshop after watching GCN’s video where the Portofino is called “the Rolls Royce of cycling”.

In the video, you’ll discover what Kevin thought was remarkable about the Portofino – which is also what makes it different from any other steel frame in the market.

Kevin’s Portofino was custom built to his measurements, after an individual consultation with Giovanni Battaglin.

And while Giovanni’s geometry design guarantees a comfortable ride, the bike’s cromovelato finish will definitely attract some attention.

The video will show you the translucent blue of the frame’s surface.

In fact, with the Portofino Premium, you can personalize your custom frame with your favorite cromovelato colors.

And this deep blue with white details and chrome lugs really sets Kevin’s bike apart.

Finally, you’ll discover the components Kevin chose. He wanted his custom bike to be ENTIRELY Italian.

So, we went for a full Italian build with the latest releases from Campagnolo and Deda Elementi.

Also, Kevin chose a specific model of Vittoria tires that enhance the bike’s Italian flair.

In short, if you want to see how cool a custom bike can look thanks to a very special finish, this video is for you.

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