[VIDEO] Painting a custom STEEL BICYCLE FRAME: RED cromovelato PAINT with GOLDEN details!

By Editorial Team

Painting a custom steel bicycle frame just like you want is probably the most exciting step of a custom build project.

For Luis, it all came down to working on small details… Which made all the difference in shaping his dream bike.

So, here’s the full story of how Alex and the Officina Battaglin team brought to life the bespoke design you’ll see in today’s video.

Luis, the owner, reached out to the Battaglin workshop when the Power+ EVO came out.

He was looking for something different from the mass-produced carbon bikes he already owns… 

And the Power+ EVO’s integrated cockpit with fully hidden cable routing was the reason why he decided to reserve one of the 40 build slots available in 2020.

After Alex and Giovanni designed the frame geometry to Luis’s body measurements, the construction of the frame started.

The Power+ EVO’s is made from special Columbus HSS tubes specifically designed to work in conjunction with the Deda Elementi DCR headset.

This unique design makes it possible to keep routing completely internal from the handlebar to the brakes and derailleurs (when the bike is assembled with any major electronic groupset). 

After the frame was built, it was time to discuss the frameset’s look.

After settling for a red cromovelato finish for the frame and the Deda Elementi finishing kit, Luis wanted to add his own unique touch: the golden decals.   

The red cromovelato with golden decals was a special combination that we had never done before – and it was suggested by Luis’s wife.

We finalized the build with a Sram RED eTap AXS 12-speed groupset and the Campagnolo Bora WTO wheels.

After a few days since we shipped the bike to Luis, we got a message from him.

He said, “I’d never expected such an amazing ride feel. It’s like I’ve been riding it for many years!”.

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