[VIDEO] STEEL ROAD BIKE featuring ULTRA LIGHT carbon wheels: the Lightweight Meilenstein EVO Schwarz Edition!

By Editorial Team

Today, we take a look at a custom steel road bike assembled with the marvelous Lightweight Meilenstein wheels.

Mario, the owner, is a businessman from Milan.

After owning several carbon bikes, he was looking for a custom steel bike to treasure until the end of time.

His dream bike was the Officina Battaglin Portofino with disc brakes.

And he wanted it to be special.

We started the process by designing the frame geometry to Mario’s measurements.

Then, after we built the frame, we discussed the color.

Mario has always been a cycling fan: one of his idols was our founder Giovanni Battaglin.

So, to pay homage to Giovanni and his Giro victory in 1981, Mario decided to finish his Portofino in pink cromovelato.

To make the bike even more unique, Mario upgraded to a matching Deda Alanera carbon cockpit and a matching Deda Superzero carbon seatpost, both finished in pink cromovelato.

For the groupset, Mario opted for the Campagnolo Super Record 12-speed disc.

But for the wheels, Mario steered away from the most popular Campagnolo wheelsets.

Mario asked Alex’s suggestion about the best carbon wheels to save weight…

And we went with the Lightweight Meilenstein EVO disc Schwarz Edition, definitely one of the coolest options we could settle for!

Do you want to discover Giovanni Battaglin’s secret formula to building a custom steel bike that rides like a dream?

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